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1/2/2007 3:00:00 AM EASTERN
Updated: 1/2/2007 1:06:54 PM EASTERN
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New Foster J. Boyd, MD, Regional Cancer Center Will Feature Patient-Friendly Infusion Suites

Patients at the new Foster J. Boyd, MD, Regional Cancer Center will receive chemotherapy five days a week in surroundings that are comfortable and offer the option for privacy or interaction with other patients.

These infusion suites are another example of how the new center, which opens in February, will pair compassionate care with leading edge technology for cancer patients in the region.

“Often, cancer patients are dealing with feelings of anxiety about having been diagnosed with the disease,” says Tim Crowley, president and chief executive officer of CMH Regional Health System, which is building the cancer center. “Treating patients in a calming and friendly environment can go a long way toward easing the additional stress of receiving treatment for the disease.”

While one of the center’s 10 chemotherapy suites will offer complete privacy, the remaining nine suites will be connected with one another through doorways. Patients can choose to leave the doors open and converse with their neighbors or close them for more privacy.

Each suite will also have comfortable lounge chairs for patients, family seating, a television, DVD and headphones, and a window overlooking the center’s healing garden, which will also serve as a meditative environment to which patients, families and staff may retreat to during times of healing. “We want patients to feel connected to others, and to the world outside,” says Crowley. The garden, which will also include a soothing water feature, will add to the center’s overall calming and life-affirming environment.

“This will be a place like no other in the area,” says Chris Chaney, vice chairman of the Raising Hope Close To Home Capital Campaign underway by the CMH Foundation. “It will finally allow the merging of state-of-the-art cancer treatment and comfortable surroundings so that each patient can feel cared for as a person, not just a disease.”

A Holistic Approach To Cancer Treatment
The new center will feature a wealth of comforting amenities not always found at other treatment facilities.
When combined with the very latest technology in radiation therapy and medical oncology, the Foster J. Boyd, MD, Regional Cancer Center will offer a unique combination of treatment and amenities to patients and their families.

The differences will be noticeable the moment a patient or visitor enters the center at 31 Farquhar Ave., Wilmington—on the corner of West Main Street directly across from Clinton Memorial Hospital.

In the entry atrium, a fireplace and home-like furnishings provide a warm and soothing environment.

Many cancer patients experience diminished self-esteem as a result of the physical changes that can occur. An on-site positive appearance boutique will make wigs, hats, prosthetics and skin care products available to patients.

The healing garden will feature seasonal plantings, fragrant herbs, shade trees and a soothing waterfall, offering therapeutic benefits in a natural setting.

A resource library will help demystify the disease and its treatment for patients, their families and the public. The library will make books, videos, DVDs and other material available for lending.

Computer access to an online medical library will also be offered, and an American Cancer Society Patient Navigator will be available to help visitors find the information they need.

CMH’s cancer registrar Cori Cockerill will also be on site to register data regarding diagnoses, treatments and outcomes with public health agencies to support research efforts and other public health initiatives.

Imagine having cancer, and having to travel to the city to receive treatment in an unfamiliar setting, and in a less-than-comfortable environment.

When the center opens its doors, it will usher in a new era in cancer care for patients in Clinton County and surrounding counties. The Foster J. Boyd, MD, Regional Cancer Center will offer a unique combination of treatment and amenities to patients and their families.

Cancer Center Open House Set for Feb. 18
The Foster J. Boyd, MD, Regional Cancer Center will have an open house on Sunday, Feb. 18, from 1 to 5 p.m. so that area residents can tour the new facility, and meet physicians and staff. Refreshments will be served.